Orthodontic Services

Our compassionate and professional orthodontists and support staff at Foothills Orthodontics provide a comprehensive range of orthodontic services to help you straighten your smile.

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All About Braces

Learn more about how braces can straighten your smile and improve your oral health.

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Types of Braces

Learn more about the wide variety of braces we offer to improve our patients' smiles.

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Living With Braces

Learn more about your life while undergoing treatment with braces, and how our orthodontists will support you.

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Orthodontics for Children

Find customized orthodontic treatment plans for children as young as 7 to give them a lifetime of good oral health.

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Orthodontics for Teens

The early to mid-teenage years are excellent times for orthodontic treatment, improving your teen's smile and confidence.

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Orthodontics for Adults

We provide adult orthodontic treatment options to help manage oral health issues, straighten smiles and improve confidence.

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Sports Mouth Guards

Keep your smile safe while playing sports if you're undergoing orthodontic treatment using sports mouth guards.

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Airway Focused Orthodontics

Address issues like snoring, sleep apnea or mouth-breathing during sleep with airway focused orthodontic treatments.

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We Are Always Welcoming New Patients 

Are you searching for an orthodontist in Okotoks or the Foothills Region? We are happy to accept new patients at our clinic. Contact us to book your first appointment today.

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